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San Francisco Examiner, 7/15/02

Sadly, this image is the only known evidence of the Goers’ interview with the San Francisco Examiner’s Bill Picture in the summer of 2002. Collectors have made it known that a mint condition copy of the entire article, should it… continue reading »

SF Weekly Letter to the Editor, 3/26/03

When the SF Weekly did a fawning cover story on costumed pirate people in San Francisco, the Partygoers, still smarting from their setback at Party #22, leapt into action with a sternly worded letter to the editor. Because a missive… continue reading »

San Francisco Chronicle, 4/23/02

Our major media breakthrough. The original article was printed on p2 of the San Francisco Chronicle and (for now) is still posted on the their website, where it surely remains one of their most frequently-visited pages. For the sake of… continue reading »