History of the Partygoers: Prologue

In their early days, the Partygoers were such a sensation that top scholars and journalists battled over the honor of becoming their official biographer. Eventually, they selected an up-and-coming young writer named Paul Linton Hart for the job. Before he eventually fled the country (last seen living on a houseboat in Amsterdam), Mr. Hart completed 15 chapters and a prologue. Unfortunately, their written story ends in late 2001, but it nonetheless provides a fascinating glimpse into the Goers’ heady rise to glory. Enjoy:

As far-fetched as the idea may now seem, there was a time when none of the Partygoers lived in San Francisco. The Goers hail from all parts of North America: Steve from the frozen wilds of southern Canada, John from the infamous backwoods of Arkansas and Will, the nomad, from truck stops and trailer parks all over the nation. One by one they converged in the City by the Bay, and although no one can be sure, it is thought in many circles that they were drawn together by the mighty hand of fate.

August 4, 2011

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