History of the Partygoers: Chapter 1

In their early days, the Partygoers were such a sensation that top scholars and journalists battled over the honor of becoming their official biographer. Eventually, they selected an up-and-coming young writer named Paul Linton Hart for the job. Before he eventually fled the country (last seen living on a houseboat in Amsterdam), Mr. Hart completed 15 chapters and a prologue, the first of which is shared here. Unfortunately, their written story ends in late 2001, but it nonetheless provides a fascinating glimpse into the Goers’ heady rise to glory. Enjoy:

Chapter 1: In the Beginning…

On a cold, wintry night in late 1997 the Partygoers were born. Our three heroes were enjoying a finely brewed malted beverage at a friend’s apartment, when Will, in the heat of a fever, dropped the words “the Partygoers” on the unsuspecting audience. Nothing much was thought of this at the time.

Later that evening, Steve and John were on their way to visit another friend when, lo and behold, fate intervened in the form of a raucous party that proved too tempting a treat to resist. Meanwhile, Will had been unfortunately detained by an ailing loved one and was unable to participate in what became the first Partygoers episode.

Although technically not invited, Steve and John entered the party with high hopes and a curious eye. Relying only on wit, charm, and their ability to mix the best margaritas in San Francisco, they won over the crowd wholeheartedly. After leaving, they realized they had performed not only a service, but a service that is lacking in their fair City.

August 15, 2011

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