Partygoers FAQ

Who are the Partygoers?
The Partygoers are three twin brothers separated at birth whose mission in life is to spread goodwill through the spontaneous visitation of social gatherings and celebrations. These visionaries have been actively working since 1997 to make San Francisco, and the world, a better place.

What is the difference between partygoing and party crashing?
An excellent question, and one that has been asked by everyone from high-ranking government officials to ordinary peons hoping some of the Goers’ magic will rub off on them. Simply put, party crashers detract from a party, while the Partygoers enrich and enliven it. Rather than visiting gatherings with any malicious intent, the Goers actively seek to improve the social functions they attend, and by extension, the world in which we all live.

Why don’t you list your full names or show your faces in pictures?
The Partygoers are the subject of such intense interest and scrutiny that they must remain completely anonymous. Any exposure of their true identities could compromise the heavily guarded secrecy that is integral to the success of their mission. To this end, all personal friends, family members, media figures, and general acquaintances associated with the Goers are required to sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements guaranteeing their compliance with this policy.

What is the “W.A.”?
The W.A., or Western Addition, is the neighborhood in San Francisco that serves as the home base for all the Partygoers’ doings. Although their adventures often take them away from the W.A., they remain true to their roots. By keeping it real, the Partygoers will always be relevant.

How do you find parties to visit?
The Partygoers carefully select the gatherings they visit via a complex process involving mental telepathy, moonbeams, and a highly refined ability to detect festive activity. For the rare occasions when this procedure is not enough, tips and recommendations from the outside world are gladly accepted.

Will you come to my party?
As is to be expected of icons in the field of mirth and merriment, the Partygoers are invited to numerous parties and are thus unable to attend all the worthy gatherings to which their presence is requested. However, you are encouraged to submit news of your upcoming gala and the Goers will consider adding it to their busy social calendar. Please include all pertinent information, such as address, number of expected visitors, and amount of free liquor available.

I’m a big fan. Is there any way I can purchase Partygoers memorabilia?
Why yes, and thanks for asking. Memorabilia, apparel, and special items from various collectors’ personal archives are always for sale in the online pShop. For the more serious shopper, the Goers are planning an Internet auction of the ultimate Partygoers collection, featuring high-end documents, souvenirs, and authentic artifacts from their rich history. [note: the pShop is currently under renovation]

July 27, 2011

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