Breaking News: The Partygoers Celebrate Their 14th Anniversary

We’re pleased to announce that history is being made today: the Partygoers are reuniting in San Francisco in honor of their 14th anniversary.

It was a wintery day in late 1997 when the Goers first formed to fulfill their mission of spreading goodwill through the spontaneous visitation of social gatherings and celebrations (i.e., NOT party crashing). Since then, they have attended exactly 114 parties and made each one better through their special blend of old school technique and new school technology.

It is believed that the Partygoers will once again be pounding the pavement in their beloved Western Addition neighborhood tonight…if you see them, photo-taking is allowed (if from a respectful distance), but please do not interrupt them as they go about their work.

More info:

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December 17, 2011

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