History of the Partygoers: Chapter 2

In their early days, the Partygoers were such a sensation that top scholars and journalists battled over the honor of becoming their official biographer. Eventually, they selected an up-and-coming young writer named Paul Linton Hart for the job. Before he eventually fled the country (last seen living on a houseboat in Amsterdam), Mr. Hart completed 15 chapters and a prologue, the second of which is shared here. Unfortunately, their written story ends in late 2001, but it nonetheless provides a fascinating glimpse into the Goers’ heady rise to glory. Enjoy:

(Be sure to read Chapter 1 first)

The story continues two weeks later on New Year’s Eve. Having realized that they had a responsibility, nay, an obligation to make the City a better, friendlier place the Partygoers, now officially a trio, set out to fulfill their destiny.

1998 was but a few hours old when the Goers stumbled upon and into a bright orange Spanish-style villa that contained the remnants of what had once been a sizable celebration. Using their customary charm, Steve, John, and Will were soon inside, sipping cold beverages provided by the gracious host and offering advice and constructive criticism to the nearby couple in the throes of a serious make-out session. After working their wily magic for a spell, the Partygoers sensed their mission was complete and left as suddenly as they had entered.

Later, as they wandered the streets, the keen collective eye of the Goers spied a small armless figure illuminated by the first rays of the rising sun. Upon closer inspection they realized they had happened upon a rare and precious statue, which they immediately recognized as the Party God. No one is sure if it was the lingering effects of a long night or a genuine religious revelation, but it is believed the Party God spoke the following truth for all to behold: “The Partygoers don’t stop at all the way.”

December 17, 2011

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