The Bench

One of the most iconic locations in all Partygoerdom is The Bench, a legendary spot in Alamo Square where the Goers traditionally gather before pounding the pavement.

In early 2001, the people of San Francisco were kind enough to officially dedicate The Bench to the Partygoers. Unfortunately, souvenir hounds quickly swiped the plaque, not just once but on multiple occasions even after subsequent re-dedications (note: it is believed that the first generation plaque would be worth upwards of $4.20 million on the auction market). Tragically, as of the writing of this post, The Bench remains plaque-less, although it remains the Goers’ preferred meeting spot and spiritual home.

Tip: The Bench is located in the NW corner of Alamo Square. It’s usually surrounded by tourists, fans and the aforementioned souvenir hounds posing for photos, etc.

Close-up of the first generation plaque:

Official photo of the Goers at the first plaque dedication ceremony in January 2001:

July 28, 2011

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