Channel 8 News: 4/6/03

[A random installment of the popular Partygoers email series, Channel 8 News. Note: the old & broken links have been removed.]

Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 10:23:05 -0700
From: “The Partygoers”
Subject: Channel 8 News: the Partygoers newsletter

Greetings FOPs (Friends of the Partygoers):

First, an apology: it has been too many months since we last shared our comings and goings with our loyal fans. So, as a gesture of our famous goodwill, we’ve stuffed this issue with more gems than ever, including our newest party transcripts, our second San Francisco Chronicle article, an incredible fashion savings you’ll have to read to believe and much, much more. We don’t guarantee much, but we do guarantee that reading this newsletter will change your life for the better.

– Steve, John, and Will Partygoer

—-Channel 8 News: Volume II, Issue 2—-

***We’re #1***
At this point in their careers, there can be no disputing it: the Partygoers are the best in the world at what they do. For the latest on their unparalleled career, read all the most recent episodes.
Parties: [link removed]
Photos: [link removed]

***Spring into Action!***
San Francisco’s Party Spirit Index (PSI) has fallen to dangerously low levels, but don’t worry – the Goers are determined to restore the city’s lost luster. To find out how you can help this worthy cause with just a few minutes of your time, visit the special Spring into Action! page below:
[link removed]

***Partygoers in the News***
Future Pulitzer winner Laurel Wellman has written her second SF Chronicle column about the Goers. Don’t miss this esteemed journalist’s partygoing observations:

***Represent Your ‘Hood – and Save!***
Admit it – you’ve always wanted to show off your neighborhood pride with a custom-made hoodie sweatshirt. Now the Partygoers and the good people at have teamed up to bring you an amazing offer. Use coupon code “partygoers” when you buy your sweatshirt and you’ll save $5!
Start shopping:
See Will Partygoer modeling his Western Addition Neighborhoodie
in the SF Examiner:
[link removed]

***Lost Notebook – $1,000,000 Reward***
Sadly, John Partygoer lost his prized notebook while pounding the pavement in June. The Goers are offering a reward of $1,000,000* for the return of this treasure (last seen in the vicinity of Masonic and Fulton Streets in SF), so keep your eyes open. For more details email:

***Help Keep Freebie Lyrics Free***
It has come to our attention that not enough aspiring rappers are taking advantage of the freebie lyrics on our site. Please use them in your raps so we don’t have to start charging!
[link removed]

***Of Critical Importance***
The Partygoers want – nay, NEED – you to forward this newsletter to every last person you know and urge them to join the mailing list at Thanks!

*$1,000,000 credit at the Partygoers’ online P-Shop
[link removed]

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