Party #57 (Grove St)

Original Partygoers transcript from the archives:

#57 – Grove St

Will: We had a tip from an anonymous emailer about a party.

Steve: It was out in the Mission.

John: We brought our friend Ali along. He’d been out with us before but had never really successfully visitated a party so we needed to do him right.

Will: He was there that night we tried and failed to visitate that four person party.

Steve: So we go to the Mission, planning to buy 40s once we get there.

Will: In any other neighborhood, that’s not a problem.

Steve: There were no 40s to be found. We walked for blocks.

John: If you’re from the Mission and you come to the W.A., you’ll be able to buy 40s anywhere you want. The 40s are on us.

Will: You can find a 40 in the Marina easier than you can in the Mission.

Steve: Damn!

Will: It had to be said.

John: We’re calling the Mission out. There’s a lot of hype there that needs to be deflated. The house party scene there is dead.

Steve: Totally dead.

Will: We’re just giving some constructive criticism. Maybe if they kept those corner stores open past 9:30 there’d be more parties.

John: Anyway, we had to walk forever to buy 40s and when we finally got to the party it was basically over.

Steve: It was a dud – a bad tip.

John: So we’re stranded in the Mission with Ali, trying to show him what we’re all about, walking all over the place, and we had nothing to show for it.

Steve: Finally we decided to head back to the W.A. and call it an evening.

John: We had no sooner gotten out of the car back at my house when we heard a raging party around the corner.

Will: Literally right around the corner. The W.A. came through once again.

Steve: The entrance was easy. Once we were inside, we hung up our jackets in the closet and I felt very comfortable there.

John: It was a textbook W.A. party – keg in the back, DJ in the front, people dancing. Good times.

Steve: What about Mark?

John: Oh yeah, so we spotted this dude who didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the crowd.

Will: It was a more preppy crowd than usual. Mark was a bit more hip hop.

Steve: It was a very well-dressed party.

John: Mark was out on the floor breakdancing like crazy. Will and I started talking to him a little later and we discovered he was visitating, too.

Will: We told him about the Goers, gave him a sticker, and got an email from him a few days later.

John: He was one of the coolest guys we’ve met at any party. He had dance moves like we’ve not seen.

Will: He got in that breakdance battle with that other dude, it was like straight out of the “Beat It” video or something.

Steve: He cleared out a circle and was jumping around, all kinds of insane moves.

John: He was doing it Electric Boogaloo style. This was Party 57: Electric Boogaloo.

August 29, 2011

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