Party #27 (Scott St)

Original Partygoers transcript from the archives:

John: This was that black tie costume party.

Steve: Sweet.

Will: Yeah, they had the masks and tuxedos and the glitter on the floor.

John: And there was that one guy who didn’t want to get his picture taken because he claimed he was a politician, and that other guy claimed he was his bodyguard.

Will: And Steve, you helped that girl who was having a relationship crisis.

Steve: Oh God, she looked horrible in the pictures. It was like she’d been crying for eight hours. Her eyes were all swollen.

John: The funny thing is that in the pictures, you and everybody else are having a great time and there she is in the middle having a breakdown.

Steve: I was loving it!

Will: We should put that picture on a billboard on I-80. (hysterical laughter)

John: Or maybe dangle a giant copy from the Goodyear blimp above a 49ers game. (hysterical laughter)

Steve: Bad karma! We’ve got to get away from this topic! (more laughter)

July 29, 2011

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