In addition to their stated mission of spreading goodwill through the spontaneous visitation of social gatherings and celebrations, the Partygoers are striving to achieve the following ten goals:

  1. Post group photo on wall of New Star Ell liquor store (achieved 4/98).
  2. Receive letter from San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown addressed “Dear Partygoers…” (pending).
  3. Make local television debut on SF public access channel 29 (achieved 1/00).
  4. Perform “Quiet: Work in Progress” at San Francisco’s famed Fisherman’s Wharf (pending).
  5. classified
  6. classified (achieved 1/01)
  7. Launch World Wide Web debut of ThePartygoers.com (achieved 1/02).
  8. classified
  9. classified
  10. Peacefully take over Belize, establish benevolent dictatorship (pending).

[written circa 1998]

July 28, 2011

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