Random Thoughts, Part 1

The Partygoers are pleased to present this collection of visionary thoughts, terms, and ideas – ready for your use at any social gathering.

“Pre-enactment” – a dramatic re-enactment of something that’s about to happen.

“All ladies love Dabney Coleman” – state this truism whenever possible. (note: Mr. Coleman is a close family friend of Steve Partygoer, who refers to him as “Uncle Dab”)

“Living the recession-proof lifestyle” – when you are poor and living very frugally (i.e. not overextending yourself) you are immune to the whims of the global economy.

“Ass $20” – technique for exacting revenge on particularly bad service: pay with a $20 bill that has been safely wedged in a butt crack for such occasions. Warning: use sparingly, as it carries major risk of karmic damage.

July 30, 2011

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